New Addiction?

November 9, 2008 - Result on Hunter Douglas I stumbled-upon a news aggregation service called Addictomatic(addict-o-matic, which launched few months ago).  I played with the site for a while and though some of the results it returned weren’t always correct, I still found the site to be useful and… perhaps quite addicting.

SITE SUMMARY:  Enter any topic on Addictomatic’s  search box and it instantly populates up to 24 news feeds, blogs, micro-blogs, videos and pcitures into a neatly organized dashboards.  Addictomatic also allows you to personalize your results dashboards and offer a bookmark URL so that you can come back to your personalized result page later for more real-time reads.  Here’s an example I did on Hunter Douglas (one of Sigma’s client).

NET/NET:  A great way to get a quick real-time pulse on your topic/brand. 

TIPS:  Be as precise with your keywords as possible and also have series of alternative keywords.  As stated in the 2nd sentence, some of the results it returns are not always correct.

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