Operation Smile

November 19, 2010

As I count down my days of having an easy 15 minute commute to work, and look ahead at spending far more time on the road, this campaign from Brazil made me smile. Why? because I like marketing efforts that inspire and encourage behaviors and this one literally made millions of commuters in Sao Paulo smile all at once.

Brastemp is a home appliance brand and they implemented a flashmob program earlier this month by working with 11 local radio stations to simultaneously broadcast one message at 9AM one morning. The message went something like this  (via Discuss-o-Mat):

Hey you, driver!  Yes, you — probably heading to work right now. This is an invitation.  An invitation to make your day better, an invitation to get some inspiration and do something very simple — Smile!

Smile to the car next to you. If they’re listening to this, they will understand and smile too.  Make your day better…  A smile can change everything…. brought to you by Brastemp.

I don’t know about you, but for me if I was one of those who participated and/or received this simple act of kindness that morning, I’ll  smile again when I think about Brastemp.


3 Responses to “Operation Smile”

  1. Raul Colon Says:

    I would really enjoy having an experience like that in the mornings! I will share it on my blog and mention your blog. Very interesting!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Raul. You made me smile. Thanks!

  3. […] when she followed me on Twitter I went ahead and visited her Blog. To my surprise the first post (Operation Smile) I read really made me smile and I really thought if only we could have these kinds of exercises in […]

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