Good Reminder on Branding

October 26, 2010

In Alina Wheeler‘s own words:

The companies who are customer centric—i.e. they see the world through the eyes and experiences of their customers, have the most successful brands. They view each touchpoint as an opportunity to build trust, extend customer loyalty, and fuel word of mouth. The companies that have really strong internal cultures i.e. employees that live the brand, who believe in the core purpose of the brand, and who are passionate about the brand, are off the charts successful.

The best companies have brand guidelines that help employees and other partners understand the brand and make it easy to apply the standards at each new touchpoint.

The brands that are not doing a good job at branding are the ones who are not paying attention to the customer, and the dynamics of the marketplace.

On staying relevant:

A brand does not need to continually reinvent itself. Organizations, however, need to stay relevant, continually find ways to engage their customers, and respond to their needs. It’s critical to have a laser-like focus on answering the question: Why should our customers choose us over others.


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